Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Snippets

I am sitting here in a bar in the hotel, blogging and surfing. While there are many things I would like to see in DC on this perfect Sunday afternoon......I neglected to pack sneakers. I can NOT go one more step in any of the fashionable sandals I did pack. So instead I am here. It's not all bad. I am enjoying this afternoon of total relaxation. Having a cocktail, work, no laundry, no committments.

So I caught up with some stuff and I'll throw it out to you.

NYT: "Many Detainees at Guantánamo Rebuff Lawyers" You just can't help some people! LOL! How bad *don't* I feel?

Again the NYT: "Not All Troops Would Report Abuse, Study Says" Yeah, but it doesn't say they would tolerate it either. It doesn't say that they wouldn't stop it. Also, they give statistics for depression rates among the military, but no related statistics about depression rates in society as a whole. What did Mark Twain say about lies, damn lies and statistics?

This Day in History

In 1981, imprisoned Irish-Catholic militant Bobby Sands died after refusing food for 66 days in protest of his treatment as a criminal rather than a political prisoner by British authorities

In 1904, Cy Young pitched major league baseball's first perfect game to lead the Boston Americans to a 3-0 win over Philadelphia.

I'm pleased about this -
Sarkozy wins French presidency.


Yeah Him said...

You know it's scary when we're happy about something that goes on in France!!! When did a majority of French people find it in their hearts to reject socialism in favor of pro US conservatism?

Perhaps, they forgot to put down their copies of The Stranger and Perrier.

I could understand if it was the Plague, but not the Stranger.

Shawmut said...

With a lot of people, I was happy to see Sarkozy elected. (However, we always have to step cautiously when it's a conservative in a country other than our own. - That's only a reserve of thought, not a damper.)
Consider how his opponent predicted violence in the streets if Sarkozy was elected. Now there's a prophecy for which you can bet she is praying (pure scare tactics). One could even suggest by her comments that socialists really do hold the day to day folks in contempt and that the democratic process is dangerous in their minds.
One thing that is worth watching for is an improved status of their military. Might be a fisr time to go back and read about the varioius cycles in French political history.
Oh, yes, one last thing. I was watching BBC early Sunday AM and it was a tickle. The commentators and reporters in various locations in France were all comments about the would-be first woman president, whho just so happened to be socialist, as though there was some augery in which we should all be in awe. Pure "PHD" stuff - "Piled Higher and Deeper". I had to use toiler paper to clean the TV Screen.