Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting Ready To Hit The Road

There is laundry and packing getting ready for the MilBlog Conference in DC this weekend. I am flying down late tomorrow night and staying at the Grand Hyatt. Friday, my son Tom is driving in from the boonies (Blue Ridge Mountains) and we are going to bum around the city. Grace and two of her kids are in DC for a school trip. We may try to ambush them at the Smithsonian. They haven't seen Tom in a while.

The funniest post so far was over at Blackfive. He is planning the pre-pre conference get together. The permalink reads
LOL, AFSis points out that she would not miss a "Milblog_precock". I will probably miss it though because I want to head over to Walter Reed with ConcreteBob for the Friday night support rally. Besides as I have pointed out to the Castle regulars who are going, if I start with the "Milblog_precock" at 1630.............I will end the night married to an Elvis impersonator........ I hate Elvis.

Anyway, the actual Conference starts Saturday morning at 0800. I may still be lit! We may heckle The Armorer! Kidding! You know how quiet and demure I am.

When the Conference ends...........the pub crawl begins! You remember last year, don't you? LOL

Sunday, if Tom is still around we will go see some more stuff. Then I fly home Sunday evening.

I am relatively certain that I will have a borrowed laptop. So there will be connectivity. I don't travel enough to justify the expense of owning one.

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