Friday, May 11, 2007

Army Cpl. Anthony M. Bradshaw

Slain GI linked to Alamo City hailed on Web

On his page, then-20-year-old Army Cpl. Anthony M. Bradshaw wrote that he had no fears or weaknesses.

"Unlike Chuck Norris," he said of the actor, "I'll never die."

This past Sunday, Bradshaw, 21, of San Antonio clambered into a Stryker armored personnel carrier in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad along with five fellow soldiers and a freelance Russian photojournalist.

They left their dusty forward operating base for Baqubah, one of the most violent cities in the country, and died when a powerful roadside bomb exploded.

The attack brought an abrupt end to the life of a young man full of bravado. He called himself "Tony" on his MySpace page and had a motto posted just above and to the right of a photo of him in full Army gear.

"Given Life to Take Life!"

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H/T to Mike Nachshen


Citizen Deux said...

Carry on soldier. The Stryker's were the supposed to be near immune to the IEDs. That has proven to be not so much the case.

SK said...

Thank you for the post Maggie.