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Tattoo Tribute

*******April 8, 2008. This post is getting a lot of hits. I assume because today is the day W is awarding Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor his Medal of Honor. You are here because the main stream media is not giving this the coverage it deserves. There are other posts here and here. As soon as I have access to it, I will post the video of the ceremony. I watched it live at 1500 today. It will be available again at 1700 on the Pentagon Channel******
*****April 8, 2008 2330 - Chuck at America's North Shore Journal has a very in depth write up of today's ceremony and PO2 Monsoor here.

Lex also had a link to The Ministry of Minor Perfidy which in turn linked to Michael Fumento .

Awesome tattoo tribute to deceased SEAL Mike Monsoor
by Michael Fumento
As a rule I find tattoos and body-piercing (ears on women aside) to be ugly. But this is pretty darned impressive.
Incidentally "This was the guy that Michael saved - the one he received a medal for, I think it was about a year ago," Mike's aunt and godmother Patty wrote me. "Anyway, he said when Michael picked him up after he was shot and lying in the middle of gun fire this is the vision he saw and looked to find a tattoo artist to copy his vision and get the wings perfect. He had this tattoo on his body as a tribute to Michael saving his life and the guarding angel he felt was there with them."
This had nothing to do with
the incident that took Monsoor's life and made him a candidate for the Medal of Honor, when he threw himself on a grenade to save three more lives.
and this photo

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Fumento. Normally I don't understand body piecings or tattoos. The Princess does not even have pierced ears. No pain....of any kind......thank you very much. But he is right, this is very impressive.

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Maggie -- an update to our conversation about how it's important to remember our fallen warriors as the people they were. Unfortunately, Texas lost another son. The San Antonio Express news did a nice job paying tribute to him. Here's a HTTP://TINYURL.COM/3C742X HREF="link to the article