Saturday, May 05, 2007

Live Blogging the MilBlog Conference

I hurt. Damn Noonan. Damn Steve Schippert. Damn ConcreteBob. I hit the pillow at 0245 this morning and seconds later some lying wench from the Grand Hyatt called my room to say it was 0600. I closed my eyes for a moment and Tom said "Hey, I thought you were leaving. It's after 7." Ahhhh. My head! I have never, ever been hung over in my life. There is a first for everything.

I was 45 minutes late and there has been much derision. You feel bad for me, don't you?

I missed the address by the President. No shit....... "W" sent a taped statement. It was more than an hour before I was able to unzip the laptop case. So finally I got it open and the Mistress of Castle Argghhh!, SWWBO got me up and running.

I need food and water.


Anonymous said...

Hey Drunkard, how'd you get hungover? Too many Hawaiian Seabreezes. You did not leave your travel information with the proper authorities, Please tell Anonymous I said hello and he is missed here.

Pia said...

I had pain just reading that (yours truly is VERY familiar with hangovers)! I feel like I'm missing the party in my own backyard. I asked Noonan to say hello to you for me, I won't get to meet you this go-round. Next year hopefully the conf will be on a non-custody weekend, or we'll have secured a sitter who wants to take care of three kids at a time! Hope you feel better, you need a greasy hamburger.

Unknown said...

We were all laughing when Andi said "and for our opening address here is The President of the United States". Most of us thought it was a joke (being milbloggers), you could have felt the jaws dropping as he started talking. Good to meet you.

Anonymous said...

OK for the record: IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!!

f mcdonald said...

IS TOO! And I'm tellin'.

Anonymous said...

I spent the whole night trying to buy as many people drinks as possible. I knew I was going to miss the conference in the morning (family commitments back in NYC, 5 hour drive, yada yada yada), so it was the most effective way I could find of conveying thanks to everyone with the time and venue presented.

Glad to see you were properly 'thanked', Maggie!

I always look forward to the Friday pre-Conference (gin) milling. It supplies me the camaraderie that I miss from my years in the Marine Corps, even if only once per year. So I make the most of it.

Great meeting you. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Maggie - it was great to spend a little time with you this weekend. Except, I think I've lost my husband to you. He loved you!

BostonMaggie said...

I love Mr. Andi! Even though he is not *really* from Boston. He took it well and he was sooooo nice about all of his wife's crazy blogging friends.

BostonMaggie said...

Bob - It most certainly was your fault (and Steve and Noonan and Blackfive). thank goodness I have Flora to back me up.

Flora - What is your excuse for not being there? It was in your backyard.

Pia - Thanks for the sympathy. You must come next year.

CIE Business - Anonymous had a great time. You ask how I got hungover? You know the answer, not enough bread.

Sean - It was great meeting you too.

Steve - Next year you had better be in the seat beside me, early-early on Saturday morning - Bob will be on my other side.

Fermina Daza said...

Schippert on one side and Concrete Bob on the other. Heh. That would look hilarious! A lot like the 3 Stooges ;~)

It was SO good to see you again (even if you WERE late Saturday morning). And, since you called me, your phone number is now in my cell phone and I can now harass you with abandon!

Until next year!

Anonymous said...

Maggie it was great seeing you, just wish there had been more time! Thank you so much for helping with my secret project, which is still a secret :)

For the record, whatever happened...I'm SURE it was Bob's fault!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to meet you! Hope I don't have to head to DC for the next time. *grin*