Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm Sensing a Trend

Going to DC is fun....coming home from DC is a hassle.

Yesterday afternoon I was relaxing, surfing, imbibing in the hotel lounge....waiting to head to Reagan. I checked my 2010 flight on American one last time and it was listed as "on time". I get to curb side check in........"Oh, your flight is cancelled. Go inside and see what they are going to do with you." What they are going to do with me??!! Inside it's the usual. No line at the windows I can't use. Line for the Boston window. Person running the Boston window is as old as my Mum and slow as molasses. No explanation, no apology, just "I can get you on a 2145 with US Airways and you can ask for standy by for the 2 earlier flights." OK. I have to ask "Where am I going?" Not helpful. Down to US Airway.........longer lines, very disgruntled people. US Air has lots of problems and the stranded American people aren't helping. I ask about standby and she explains that if she gets my on an earlier flight, my bag goes on the later flight anyway. What's the point? I go to baggage security and dump the giant bag with 27 pairs of shoes (and no sneakers) and then onto regular security. I am selected for more screening. I pass.....Yea! The airport has no WiFi. I find and report an unattended bag. I realize that I am in this crowded, dirty terminal for at least two hours. Screw this! Even though I know this means more "extra screening", I leave and find a bar. I have a drink and some food, text some people and take a call from ConcreteBob. I make him feel as bad as possible that he missed the conference. I think that things will be better back at the terminal because there weren't many flights scheduled after 2100 at my end of the terminal (that would be the farthest possible point....the longest possible distance in my nifty sandals.....ow). I am wrong, flights are delayed. Three different groups are told that they are leaving from the same gate, my gate. Everyone lines up, screw this, I sit. Finally they call the 2145 for Boston. Does it leave at 2145? Of course not. My one hour, seven minute flight finally lands well after midnight. I am told to go to carousel A........then I am told to go to carousel C.....I wait at carousel C.......I watch lots of other people's luggage come out.......then notice my bag in a pile off to the side on the floor. The US Airways guy is just standing there. Nice job announcing that it's not actually ON THE BELT, asshat. My very kind, patient friend is waiting at the curb.

I got home at 0245. Had to be up at 0715.

OK, it was worth it.


googiebaba said...

Is there anything more unpleasant than flying. The last time I flew, I sat next to a very pleasant, very old couple from the Cape. This very couple ends up accidentally taking my bag to the cape. They call, and are mortified. I told them I would drive down and get it. Oh no, they insist. There mistake, they will bring it to me. But it become immediately clear that they are scared to death to drive in Boston. They act like its Fallujah or something. I am thinking, you have already been so helpful taking my bag, just let me come and get it. Finally, I convince them to drop it off at my sister in laws on the south shore. Jesus.

googiebaba said...

Maggie, I am leaving illiterate comments all over the blogosphere. “Their mistake” not “There mistake”. I swear I went to college.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL, like I could tell on this much sleep!

Citizen Deux said...

Exceptional use of the term "asshat".

BostonMaggie said...

Why, thank you!

concretebob said...

So are we going to share the origins of the term "asshat" or do I have to explain?
and you couldn't have made me feel any worse about missing the conference and not calling you to say I arrived home safe at 0430 Staurday morning and woke up at 0700 to get all my duckies in a row before going to a wedding at 1500.
Could I have some cheese please?
Seriously, friends....I had a marvelous, wonderful, exquisitely, delightful experience escorting Miss Maggie around Friday. She really is a great Lady.
Even though she went 5 miles out of her way to get a manicure and pedicure.
Thank You Maggie...We will do this again.

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks CB - It was wonderful having a chauffeur! LOL. I did not know how far away I was. Thanks for reminding me, I have to throw up a post about the manicure.

I couldn't have made you feel any worse about missing the conference? LOL You don't know what bad is, Reb! I barely even said anything. I just let your own guilty conscience run wild. I could have *really* made you feel *really* bad, if I had set my mind to it.

I had fun too. Remember, you have the Republican rep, so you are getting us into the White House next year.

concretebob said...

Don't forget:
"If it's got an Adams apple it's probably a man"

SK said...

Bob get yer blasted computer fixed...PRONTO!!

Maggie does he really believe you couldn't make him feel worse?? Ooooo what a silly man:)