Friday, May 11, 2007

Me Too!

This pic appeared in the Framingham State paper, The Gatepost. The girls in the pic didn't care for how they looked, so they stole 1,000 copies. Which in turn caused the story....with the be picked up nationwide.
Good job, lol!
Here is a link to the story in the Herald.Of course, when I saw the pic, I thought....................ME TOO!
But I was thinking of my favorite Noonan...........John at Op-For.


SK said...

This email was priceless! Any feedback from Noonan? lol

Shawmut said...

When I see a campus situation like the Framingham State College one, I force myself to remember that it's all part of America's pursuit of "Higher Education".
Then i ask myself, "Higher than what?"

BostonMaggie said...

Sherri - Have you been over to Noonan's place? He posted it today. HFS and I are experiencing an OP-For-lanche!