Tuesday, May 22, 2007

God, I Hope I Don't Get Caught At This!

There is a place I read stuff......I lurk.
I am not supposed to be there.
But this was just too funny. ......SB and I were laughed ourselves silly as we read this.
He is "west of Worcester" tonight. That is to say, he is not in Boston. There is Boston..........and then there is everything "west of Worcester". Anyway, we spent part of our conversation with me doing color for the Red Sox win tonight over the Yankmees........I am wicked good at that. Then we were surfing on our respective computers and discussing things on the phone. We read this article over at FoxNews.
"Viagra for Jet Lag?"
Researcher Patricia Agostino and her colleagues injected hamsters with sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, at night before turning on bright lights six hours earlier than normal – giving them a man-made dose of jet lag.

Then we read the comments at "Secret Squirrel" and we howled at this one.

"Wait Wait Wait
How the hell do you give hamsters jetlag???
More to the point how do you determine if the furry little fuckers are at normal or below normal performance?
How do you know if the little guys have "perked up" and gotten over their jetlag!!!
Monitoring their performance on the hamster wheel won't work because they are on Viagra and can't use the thing or they will get their crank stuck in the grooves.
What kind of world do we live in when we keep hamsters awake for 72 hours to make them jetlagged and then give them sex drugs and observe the results.
I think I read about this in the "New England Journal of Evil"

I can't give a hotel tango to the author, because I was never supposed to see it. But.........

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for the laugh.
Maggie and SB

P.S. Last month I was published in the "New England Journal of Evil"


Gunny John said...

Funnier than hell, but...hell, he's right.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone read that and NOT find it hilarious??