Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why I Can't Win

I have blogged before about my hair. It's gray. It's a family thing. When SouthieBoy met me it was dyed brown with blond highlights, I had it done every 4 weeks or so. Then SB turned that upside down with his redhead request. Maintaining the red is not easy and it is not cheap. I buy the special hair conditioner on EBay, usually one tube at a time. It can cost anywhere between $15 and $20. About a month ago, I got one for $11.50. I was psyched! The seller mentioned having eight more tubes....was I interested? Hell, yes! So I spend a hundred and I think, I am set for a year!



I am in bed, on the phone, tormenting SB.

"You know, it's too bad you are so far away. I just had my hair done tonight. I look fabulous."

"I'm sure you do."

He is not easy to torment, he does not like to rise to the bait.....he doesn't like to give into my nonsense...........he will not put up with my bullshit and proudly says so..........but I am not nice and continue.

"My hair is all spread out on my pillow.......this perfect red color..............."

"I wonder how it would look blonde."

WTF? At first I can't even process this. Blonde? Blonde? I have nine tubes of Biolage "True Red" in a box in the bathroom! My hairdresser is finally happy with her concoctions and has hit the perfect mix. My brother has given up teasing me. My mother has resigned herself to it (she doesn't like it).

I am soooooo happy with how the red looks. It's this mahogany color that looks fiery in the sun. Here is a pic I stole from Pinch's place of my perfect hair, as I watch the Armorer give out Milbloggies. ( I am standing next to my friend, Mr. Andi....he is almost from Boston.)
So, you know it's going to be blonde now, don't you? Bastid!


Ron Simpson said...

you might be able to sell those bottles on Ebay and make a proffit.

SK said...

Ah hell Maggie, I know just how ya feel. *sigh* MEN!!

Kris, in New England said...

Hey it's YOUR hair...

Anonymous said...

You can color your hair whatever color you wish.... But you'll always be a stunning redhead in my book!!!

*sexy growl*

Citizen Deux said...

...mmmmm, red....

Teresa said...

Blonde? Whew... now that's a change. I loved the red - thought it was fabulous.