Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh My God!!!!

With 10 minutes left to go!!!! And there his is! SecDef Heller.

The funniest moment was when "Acting President" Daniels tells Tom Lennox about his affair. Tom looked like he wanted to gag.

Jen and I had a double header because we missed last week and had to catch up. I love the DVR. You never miss anything and you can fly through the commercials. We had to watch it at my house (we are usually at Jen's) and of course it's like Grand Central.

We continued our search for the perfect rotisserie chicken. Walmart is too salty ($4), Boston Market, available at Stop&Shop is good($6.50), and tonight was Whole Foods ($9.99) which was no better and posibly not quite as good as Boston Market/Stop&Shop.

Well, I am off to bed. BTW, did I mention how excited I am to see SecDef Heller? LOL


Pia said...

Just got back from Vegas... boy are my arms tired. Anyway, yes! We will be around next weekend. Are you and any of the Op-Forians having a non-conference social hour that we could join?

BostonMaggie said...

Yes! Saturday night is usually a pub crawl. Last year was up 8th Street near the Marine barracks. This year looks like it will start in the hotel lounge. The conference is at the Westin Arlington Gateway.

Yeah Him said...

Call me crazy, but how did Heller get into CTU with nobody mentioning, "Hey buddy, last we heard or saw of you, you were driving off a cliff." or Jack mentioning, "remember that time your kid caused you to get taken prisoner in the beginning of season 4 and I saved you from getting killed? don't you owe me 1?"

Of course, I might be totally confused with how this plot is just up in the air this season.

BostonMaggie said...

YH - Not sure where you will see this first so I am putting it here and your place.....
After the SecDef went off the cliff last season, someone did tell Jack that he was found and in the hospital. Although they never told you how serious it was or anything. You just knew he was alive.

Heller is the man! Someone in the comments over a B4B suggested that he should be the next president....I concur.

BTW, I went to your place....why am I not on that list of hot women?

Yeah Him said...

I remember the mention he was alive, but not showing him and all in something more. Also, my mom noticed that he was mentioned in the credits. All good mystery appearances just show up unannounced the first time.

We'll see where Heller goes with his rant. Methinks he is mixed up with Jack's dad and a still alive President Logan.

As for your being on the list, I will list you here as "honorary" with potential for actual as

A) there are no face pictures of you.

B) this is your first visit to the site.

BostonMaggie said...

Blasphemy! Do not dare impugn the SecDef! I have been a William Devane fan since "Rolling Thunder" (You are looking for movies to watch from Blockbuster - get that one)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that Heller is back on 24! Woohoo!,.. I have a feeling the finale is all going to have us shocked! can't wait! :-)