Monday, November 01, 2010

Ack! Isn't Anyone Watching Me?

Ok, so today was supposed to be freakin' awesome. No Revlimid. Good night's sleep.


First, I could barely get up, but I thought - "This will pass. Maybe I am just stiff from the cold of Jen's house." You know Jen's house was close to the outside temp of 32 degrees, lol!

I went into the bathroom and my face was all puffy, my eyes were slits. My vision was blurry. I looked down at my feet, they weren't swollen. I haven't missed any Lasix. WTF? So I washed my face....brushed my teeth.....washed my face again because I forgot I had done it. LOL! Maybe I was trying to shrink my face with hot water!

So I had something to eat, took my Lasix and showered. I made it into infusion probably five minutes late. And apparently they were a little askew today as well. They seemed not prepared to see me. Kathleen who has done my insertion four or five times introduced herself like we were strangers and like she wasn't wearing a big freakin' name tag. Oh well.

I told her that after the IV was in I was going to take off. I know if I stayed in that chair I would have passed out. I kept thinking I just needed to pull myself together.

So I headed up into Chinatown. I was walking around for about 45 minutes. My whole body ached like I was getting the flu. I was a little shaky as to where I was. I am a lifelong Bostonian and I couldn't find Tyler Street. Fortunately, I got back to the infusion room.

Kathleen says "There you are! Your potassium is 3.2!" Minimum should be 3.5 and I usually run in the high 4s.


I haven't been eating high potassium foods since I started this cycle. I am lucky it wasn't worse.

So they gave me two giant, salty, horse pills and the infusion and I headed out.

I got some orange-pineapple-banana juice, some bananas and some bruschetta - tomatoes are good for this.

I walked in the door and told my Dad that I had a job for him. First he teased that he was off-duty, but then he grilled me on the problem.

Safe to say I never have to worry about this again. Every day for the rest of my life there will be a "Frank-check" on what I ate that contained potassium.

P.S. As I type this, my mother has joined me in the kitchen. She is eating a pretzel with Nutella and complaining that I bought the wrong kind of pretzel (I did). We are discussing the banana thing. She tells me that Dad buys bananas for her and she doesn't eat them. I tell her they are good for you. She responds with a smile "I don't need them. I don't have your problem!" her tone is mocking, like my problem is unclean, lol! She slays me!


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Eat your bananas! You're scareing the Badgers under the porch at Sal's, you know, when you don't.

Jumblerant said...

According to this USDA table you should be eating a copious quantity of white beans, green beats, canned clams and dried apricots.

I guess you'll be getting a great chance to finish off any bathroom reading as well...

Now go eat a banana!!

BostonMaggie said...

Badgers should be scared of me all the time....I am very powerful.

Canned clams???? Haven't I suffered enough already?