Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dunkin Donuts Is Where???

So Jen, Bette & I are in Foxwoods word of a lie, as we used to say as kids.....the DD is a 10 minute trip from my room. Each way! Mind you, I know it would have been quicker in sneakers, but I never imagined it would be that far.

Jen & I came down yesterday, this was the last of her birthday presents. Bette got us the most fabulous suite. Partly because it's nice and I am sure, in part because I snore, lol.

Last time I was here in April there was some coffee/tea place right opposite the hotel check-in. It's gone and the only DD was all the way down at the Hard Rock. I figured it would be packed, but there was no line and three women waited on me, lol.

Ok, well I am off to the shower. It's not worth heading back to the spa. I have infusion today at 1 pm and a cardiology appointment at 3 pm (because of this nonsense).

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ponsdorf said...

In the scheme of things this is trivial, but you did stir the memories so...

During one of my stints at Great Lakes I spent some time a Dunkin Donuts in North Chicago. It was near where my girlfriend lived and I spent enough time there I was offered a part time job. cooked donuts and stuffed jellyrolls.

Aside I haven't been in a DD since. Not related to my experiences, only that I haven't been near one for some decades.