Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Tommy!

I forgot he hadn't seen a "fat face" day.

Even though I fell asleep after the last post and dreamt that I missed breakfast....I made it. On time too! Tom came through the door of the Blue Blinds Bakery and looked like he had acute indigestion, lol. He started patting my back. We aren't touchy-feely, so I know that he was beside himself.

As soon as I realized, I told him it was fine, relax. We ordered our breakfast - I got pancakes that were dry and he had underdone french toast. But we split an apple danish that was to die for! So, I recommend that you just utilize the bakery part and skip eating the meal. Although the eggs might be good, who knows.

Then he came with me to Walmart because I was still shaky from last night. You know, Walmart has Christmas candy out.....Hersheyettes.

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