Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Won't Believe This

So hotel maintenance comes up and says I don't have to hang. After all, I have everything valuable in the car. Unless someone wants my pjs or shampoo. So I dash and I am in place for the pickup at 10:11 am. Am I eleven minutes late? Yes. But the pick up has been rescheduled for 10:30 am. The ceremony is scheduled for 11:00 am. I'm good, right??


By the time the ride picks up YN2(SW)Gauthier's two North Carolina friends and I; gets us to USS San Antonio (LPD-17); turns us over to our ship escort who in turn delivers us.....

We missed the actual ceremony where CDR Overturf reenlists Lucien. LOL!

But we were there for the party!

I got to say Hi-How-A-Ya to my friend and fellow blogger ADM Harvey, although one of his staff slipped past me and I missed saying hi. But they are all really busy and they were leaving as we arrived.

It was my pleasure to have met CDR Overturf, who had a great USS Constitution related sea story.

Then it was off on a tour of USS San Antonio LPD-17 (You know who built it? The Ogre). I am really starting to pick up things in these tours of destroyers, frigates, LHDs, LPDs.

OK, I'll write more later....but I have to back to sleep. Meanwhile, you can read this.

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Ky Woman said...

You move in interesting circles...Sea Momma!

Please congratulate your friend from a grateful American...Me! Hell, be sure to say "Thanks" to all aboard.

Glad you got there in time for the party. Will be waiting to hear all about the shenanigans going on. LOL