Friday, November 19, 2010

1st LT Robert Kelly, USMC

I haven't written about this, and since it keeps making me cry, I will just send you to some links.

I will say, my heart aches for his family. His father is a fellow Bostonian who I would have followed for that reason alone. But he is much more than that and so was his son.

From BlackFive - "Father and Son" & "Angel Flight Home"


Spockgirl said...

I just came back after reading the links... Jeez, I have a hard enough time even when I don't know any background or personal stories. Darn internet.

BostonMaggie said...

Agreed. Darn Internet.

sebastian gallegos said...

I coulda never asked for a better lt it was an honor to serve him not because he was prior enlisted or cause he's gone now but because he took care of me and our platoon without being soft from 10 feet of snow to miles of desert he pushed us hard and led from the front god bless you sir ill always be stronger because of you