Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Made It To Norfolk

A ridiculous drive! But everyone made me promise to be good.

No speeding.

Frequent stops.

Blah, blah.

I forgot to pencil in getting ridiculously lost trying to pick up route 13 from route 295 after the Delaware bridge. So I am much later than planned. Plus I sat in one of the rest areas and had a couple of laughs on the phone with my ex-husband.

So, I am here and set and will make my event tomorrow.

Tomorrow, USNI blogger and my friend, YN2(SW) Gauthier re-enlists aboard USS San Antonio, LPD-17.

I have something unique from USS Constitution. It will be the coolest gift... in my opinion anyway....

I'm sorry, is there another opinion that matters???


wifeunit said...

I love that drive down the Eastern Shore. Minus the bridge tunnel fee that keeps climbing.

There is a town called Onacock. That makes the drive right there.

Truthfully I think it is Onancock, but that is just grammatically wrong.

I hope you have a good visit!

BostonMaggie said...


I made her say it three effin' times. I couldn't believe it. I thought the machine was stuck from the big tractor trailer in front of me.

$12.00 for a regular car. For pity's sake you drive 120 miles through New Jersey and only have to fork over $9.05.

I will be looking for tht town....

Kanani said...

So glad you got their safely! Have a great time. Take a photo of the gift!

Yer Marine said...

Your "opinion" seems carved into the tablets in the burning bush....

Except for napalming the zombies a cup at a time. That's just stupid.

Tell the Yeoman congrats.

YN2(SW) Gauthier said...


wifeunit said...

Having lived in Delawhy, I do not understand why you have to pay to enter but not to leave. It is backwards.