Friday, November 05, 2010

1776 ~ Compliments

It isn't an actual quote from Adams. But I am quite sure it encapsulates his feelings. "There are only two creatures of any value on this earth. Those with a commitment and those who acquire the commitment of others"

I have never served in the military. My Dad's service was completed before I was born. My ex-husbands as well. But I have friends and they are committed. I am honored to help in whatever way I can.

Right now we are in the midst of the annual Project Valour-IT fundraiser. I have done a very poor job. Yesterday was the last infusion and Sunday evening will be the last Revlimid. So I should begin surfacing over the weekend. The #TeamNavy goal is $15,000 and they are one third of the way there without my help. Let's see if we can't speed them along.

Please follow this link - read about this very worthy project - and make a donation, cover it on your blog, email your friends. Anything would be appreciated. Please join #Teamnavy and acquire the commitment of others..

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Spockgirl said...

I committed myself to Team Navy early on, being that I figured you would be a little tied up with treatment and all that entails. I checked out a few of the navy blogs and I haven't seen any with the "campaign thermometer" thing, which the Army and Marine blogs have. I did add it to my blog for that particular reason. Army has raised over $17,500, Marines $18,500 and their goal is now $25,000. Air Force is at $3,600. Just keeping you up-to-date.
(Further to one or your previous posts, I hope you are eating your bananas and apricots.)