Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Love My Sister Grace

Much more than when I was ten or twelve or fourteen or sixteen.

Grace and I were born two years and one week apart. I am older. We shared a room for the first 18 years of my life with a short exception when we lived on Mystic and I had my own room.

Things were very hard. Grace is a neat-nick, I am a slob. I like to lay-about, Grace liked to do things.

I liked CBS Radio Mystery Theater and Grace had nightmares. She preferred a complete overdose of Barry Manilow. don't get me wrong...I liked him, I just needed a break after 3 LPs.....don't know what an LP is? Get out of my blog you whipersnapper!!

My parents constantly begged, counseled and ordered us to get along....work it out.

We did try at times.

One particularly fond memory is a summer we were about 14 and 12. We were in Rocky Nook and we made a plan to wake up early and have breakfast together outside. We put the two gymp papasan chairs off of the porch and into the front yard with a table between them.

I know cereal was on the menu and I think there were poptarts. Juice would have rounded it out.

It was lovely It was just as my parents promised. When we tried........

And just as my parents promised, I would grow up and my sisters would be my best friends.


kate said...

That was a wonderful tribute. It could be me and my sister, Cheryle.

Carrie said...

I love this, Maggie.
Good for you both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ! Supper Post !

Pia said...

so there's hope for my sister and me?

Surfcaster said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Maggie.