Sunday, November 21, 2010


So, you know I am hooked on "The Walking Dead". A new episode starts in a few moments. I have my high potassium orange-pineapple-banana juice and a reheated slice of pizza.

Hot night, huh? LOL

Earlier I fell asleep on the couch and when I wake up my mother says... "Do you feel better?" I told her I did and she makes a "humph" kinda noise. I laugh and say that my eyes are almost all the way open. She suggested I go to bed because I still look really tired. I told her that I had to stay up for my Zombie show.....cause at least I look better than they do!!!

Plus she is worried I will oversleep tomorrow and miss my "stress test" at 0900.

Seriously? Who cares? I am already way stressed and I already have a bad attitude. Did I tell you about the stupid questions? They asked about how long certain activities take to go from discomfort to pain. I laughed and told them that I don't let them get to pain. Who would? Why would they? If something starts to bother me....I stop.

And tomorrow, if they push too far, I will push back, lol.

I haven't had any caffeine, it's a rule for the test.

So the plan is to get up and be there for a three hour stress test, followed at 1230 by my scheduled Velcade/dex infusion treatment. Once the stress test is over I can get a nice vanilla chai tea latte from Starbucks........yummmm....

But the real highlight will be dinner at Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain with some Nook friends. Once again I am so grateful for the people who say "Yeah, Diane/Maggie, we want to spend time with you."

I am so lucky.

Tomorrow night will be lots of fun as we sit and eat and laugh and share our memories of Rocky Nook and the great times we had.

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