Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SGT John Jones, USMC

You can read about him on HBO's website for "Alive Day Memories Home From Iraq"

This is a photoshopped pic. By photoshopped I mean made into a motivational poster. The pic itself is taken directly from the HBO and is 100% accurate. Someone added a caption.

It reflects the sentiment of the person who photoshopped it. I don't know that SGT Jones agrees with or even knows about the photoshop. Mentioning POTUS may not suit his views at all. If he is the least offended and I will apologize and remove it immediately.

But for now, I like it.

If I had to guess based on what I have read, I would say that SGT Jones does not regret his service. He has worked with the Center for the Intrepid at Brooke Army Medical Center.

“...As for the future, I hope to always help other military men and women forever in any way that I can. I hope to graduate one day with degree in business that somehow incorporates helping others that need me in some way. I hope to be a positive influence for others and to set an example for those that have given up hope. I hope to always
be the father and husband that my family needs and to always show them that I am forever grateful that they love me for who I am. "

-John Jones
Marine Staff Sergeant


Middleboro Jones said...

awesome picture....Marines will appreciate it and even if he didn't say those words, it is telegraphed by his face

Semper Fi Marine !

Sandie said...

The photo is by a very famous photographer, Tim Greenfield-Sanders.
He probably wouldn't be too thrilled.

You can make your own poster at Motifake.com. That's probably where this one came from.

BostonMaggie said...

Perhaps not Sandie, however until he cares to tell me so....it stays

Anonymous said...

Received this PIC and false ‘comment’ via fwd email, recently.

'Using' this paraplegic Marine for an untruthful quote is not much different than other false uses of our military for selfish purposes. Even ‘Trader Joe’s’, here in San Diego (US Navy bastion), give the title of “CAPTAIN” to their store managers!

In this particular case, someone (incl Bostonmaggie) are using crippled SSG Jones to carry a fake/untrue message.

Knew it was wrong when I saw it.

Similar to those creeps who cite false military service and heroic awards to gain personal - selfish advantage.

Now considered 'freedom of speech'. These 'users' make me sick.

Thanks for vent opportunity, grunt swanam vet

PS currently dealing with a fake USAF 'COL, Judge' and fake USN 'SAR crewman during Vietnam' who are screwing over ignorant Americans. A reason this 'photo shop' crap bothered me.

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Anonymous,
If you *read* the post, I clearly state that the comment was added by someone else. There is absolutely no attempt to *fake* anything.
As stated previously, should SGT Jones object (and this pic has been widely distributed so I think he has seen it) I will take it down immediately. For all *you* know, he likes it.
Enjoy your vent, but you are completely off bases comparing this to stolen valor.

TDK said...

I am a Vietnam Era Marine. Older than most I will bet who posted comments. Nevertheless this poster represents the sacrifices our men and women in uniform give for their country. I don't know S/SGT Jones, however I believe if he was offended by this photo or took execption to the "REGRETS" comment he would have made his feelings known. My only comment,may GOD keep you safe. "SEMPER FI"

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks TDK! And thanks for your service.

erin stengel said...

i helped build his home through Homes For Our Troops. Nicest guy i have ever met.

DMack said...

Not going to comment here either way on the actual photo, only on the basic code of journalism. Whether or not the subject of the photo or the photographer agrees or disagrees with the changes you have made (or posted, not knowing who made them) is irrelevant. Basic journalistic integrity and in the case of the photographer, copywright laws, require that you contact the photographer before posting a copywrighted image, which this is, for any purpose involving monetary gain. When not for monetary gain it is respectful to at least give photographic credit and state how/why/by whom the image was changed. I understand that it would be difficult to determine the latter but the former is quite easy, and should have been done.