Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suck! Suck! Suck!

I have been awake for 2 hours. I only slept for two and half.

Monday rocked. I went to work. I got things done. I told Jen that I had a list. That Tuesday I would work and clean and run errands and we would sneak off and get pedicures.

Instead, I laid on her couch and watched six episodes of "Boardwalk Empire".

I know I should focus on the fact that I am lucky to have people taking care of me so that I can watch six episodes of "Boardwalk Empire"......

But you know I have trouble with that whole glass half full.

I didn't go to work.

I barely cleaned that half bath and that was a matter of principle. Jen came down and caught me - "Good God! What are you doing? Get out of there!"

I finally roused myself enough and the tingling and numbness receded enough that I was able to be driven down to East Bay where my fav bartender, Dick fed me steak tips and malarkey.

I am supposed to meet my son Tom & his girlfriend for breakfast in less than four hours.

I am miserable.

Even though Mary Ripley called and was highly entertaining.

And My Marine was attentive allllll day....thanks baby!

And Jen & Bette & Dick were fabulous.

Jen said something last night and once again I am struck by the lengths people are willing to go to for me so I can feel better. Or good. Or not so shitty.

But right now all I can think about is how my legs are killing me and they are tingling and numb and I am scared. I can't read or really blog because my eyes keep losing focus - which is a plus when you watch "Boardwalk Empire" because the lead character is so homely, lol. But still, it scares me when my vision blurs.

Plus, with this storm, I keep losing the Internet connection and it's driving me mad!

And even if it improves five days I am back in infusion.

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