Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"W" Is A Class Act

He always was.

I miss him.

I want this book, I want it autographed.


Stella said...

Dubya? Class act? Uh... OK...

BostonMaggie said...

Are you saying that it is not classy that he refrains from calling out Kanye and others?

Because you know me and you know if Kanye called me a racist (which was an utterly ridiculous and baseless charge) that I would NEVER stop ripping him over it. And I would collect a pound of flesh before I accepted his apology.

And now, on this book tour, when some people are nearly BEGGING "W" to criticize the current administration, he refrains.

It's fine to disagree with his policies, I would expect you to. I disagreed with him on immigration. But that has nothing to do with the fact that he comports himself better than the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Stella said...

If Kanye called you a racist, I would help you rip him over the coals. You know I would.

I find Kanye's apology insincere and without character. One should stand by one's word. And, yes, I do agree with you that Dubya has been a class act in not criticizing Obama's administration.

I don't think comport comparisons are apt here. They each have their own styles. I can't say that Dubya comported himself better during his malapropisms during his administration in his numerous speeches.

His inability to articulate clearly on critical issues caused derision from leaders of many, many nations and made a laughing stock of America.

And then there was that Angela Merkel incident. That was not classy,

However, I agree, I am writing about his policies. It's not classy to kill one million people, many of whom were innocent civilians. And it's not classy of Obama to say that he wants to "turn the page" and forget this travesty happened. The blame falls on both their shoulders.

That being said, I may not agree with you politically, but admire you greatly, as you well know.

We'll never come to terms in the political arena, and I don't care so long as we can disagree without rancor.

... and did I say I hope you are doing well?