Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Election & Who I Am Mad At

First - I am mad at Jeff Perry. Way back when the 10th was first being discussed, I wanted Bob Hedlund to run. I like Bob. I know Bob. But Jeff got in first and Bob backed him, so I did too.


But the second this scandal surfaced, Jeff should have stepped aside and Bob should have gotten in and Keating would have lost.

Next, I am mad at Charlie Baker. I do not believe he tried as hard as he could have. He does not have the stomach for politics and he did not hit Deval Patrick everywhere he could have. I think Charlie found some of this distasteful. I think it is extremely unfortunate because I loathe Gov Patrick. But also because I sincerely believe Charlie Baker would have done a good job.

Next, I am mad at a man I much admire CDR Lippold. Way back when he considered running against Harry Reid. If he had, that race would have turned out differently. Sharron Angle was a nut and look how close she came to unseating Reid. Imagine if someone as smart and honorable and admirable as Lippold had run.

Lastly, I am mad at myself for letting my hopes get out of hand. What was I thinking? I fell for the pie in the sky.

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