Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Is This Wench????

I was out online looking for a pic for tomorrow's High Holy Day when I came across a blog post that peeved me.

A young lady, born in Amherst, Massachusetts and currently residing in Charlestown wrote about her Bunker Hill Day picture.

Here's a quote -
"I’m a little paranoid now. After all, these people know what I look like.Today, when I went to my neighborhood Johnny’s Foodmaster to buy my organic arugula, I felt like all the bag boys were glaring at me. How dare I mock their traditions by impersonating a townie (and so convincingly!)

In my defense, I would like to clarify again that a) as much as I value organic produce I don’t make enough money to be considered a yuppie b) although I may sometimes make fun of townies, you may notice I that enjoy making fun of yuppies just as much and of myself even more, and c) even though I cross the street at night when I see a white man in a hoodie sweatshirt, the townies are a huge part of what gives Charlestown the unique character I've come to love"

Seriously? You cross the street when you see a white man in a hoodie???? Any white guy in a hooded sweatshirt? Like...my Dad?

She's whining that someone lifted the pic of her watching the Bunker Hill Day parade for the Facebook profile. Poor thing! Sorry someone liked your pic. The horror! Of course, guess what happened when she asked them to take it down...they took it down.

Anyway, in the post she links another and I go there too. (Right now, you're thinking "Why?" - LOL - I don't know!) The second post is worse than the first!

"Another shadow over Charlestown’s past is the race riots of 1775, in opposition to the busing of African American students to Charlestown from Dorchester."

Really? I hardly think there were buses in 1775, much less race riots involving them. But if you mean 1975, again, there were no race riots. As I explained in the comments over there - "Charlestown was one of the victims of a vicious propaganda war waged by liberal, white outsiders like the late Senator Kennedy. Something that could never happen in today's electronic age."

I know that blogs are opinions and this ignorant little thing is entitled to her opinion. Just not her own unchallenged alternate reality. As I stated in the comments of her post - "Your ignorance is appalling and you eagerness to share it is hard to believe."

What an assclown. Remember, that's just my opinion. LOL! what kills me about this nonsense is that she writes about a parade that she viewed while sitting on the steps of MY OWN CHURCH!!!

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