Saturday, March 13, 2010

What A Pleasant Suprise!

Gen & Deb wanted to see "Alice In Wonderland". I am lukewarm on Tim Burton myself and it was a rainy Saturday....I thought my goose was cooked. But...surprise! I liked it.

We saw the 3D version and as opposed to some of the earlier incarnations of 3D glasses, these were good.

Even though it was fairly crowded, there was not much talking.

Debbie made me try a corndog. First ever for me, lol! That's southern food, you know? Wasn't bad.

Now I am back at Grace's. You know she is going to make us watch "Cops".....but what can I say? She made my chocolate chip cookies.

I told them we have to begin conducting scientific experiments to see what treats travel best. We will have to send stuff to my Seabees - NMCB 21 and Massachusetts National Guard 379th Engineer Company.

OK, they are making me sign off the computer.

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