Saturday, March 20, 2010

…”man, you never fail to catch me,”

I love everything this kid writes, but this is a standout post.

"Blast from the Past"

The shower trailers on FOB Ramrod are small, cramped, and typically filthy. Or at least they were the last time my platoon and I were tasked with serving as the Battalion QRF during our most recent battalion mission. I stood in the shower with my head hanging low and eyes closed. The flowing lukewarm water soothed my skin as I felt it splash upon my shaven scalp. Drops rolled down my forehead, off my nose and splattered on the plastic floor. I stood alone and relaxed, pondering the luxury of hygiene. God this feels amazing…it was a wonderful end to a rather busy day.

My meditation broke with the sound of the wooden door slamming the trailer frame. At this hour, there was no question in my mind what was coming.

“Hey LT!” Shouted SGT Lays from the entrance, “We’re gettin’ spun up! Big XO needs you in the TOC!”
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