Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok, So Help Me Out With This.....

Tom Hanks says something stupid about WWII and our military and racism.

OK, you are mad. I get it. I was peeved too. But it's his right. His right to make assinine comments is actually why those men fought.

Ironic, huh?

Now move on.

People are dismissing "The Pacific" because of Hank's statements. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

So help me out here.....are you really going to miss out on this excellent series because Hanks is an assclown on this subject? Really? He is still the same guy who made Band of Brothers. He is still the same guy who made John Adams. Are you never watching them again? Did you stop loving them?

Every pre-review I read for "The Pacific", loved it. I watched episode 1 last Sunday....TWICE. I loved it.

Now suddenly people are saying that it's not that good. Rubbish!

You know, Roman Polanski is a rapist I wouldn't spit on....but "Rosemary's Baby" is scary.

Catch up over at the USNI with "Naval History's Guide to The Pacific". Episode 2 is tonight at 2100.


Flag Gazer said...

PS - I hope the Naval Institute keeps the guide up so that when it comes out on DVD, we can access it!

Flag Gazer said...

I am missing the Pacific because of the venue... a lot of people are. I don't have the money or the desire to buy HBO. Unlike others, I don't make excuses or try to convince myself of other reasons. I didn't watch John Adams on HBO either, and I am a descendant.

Tom Hanks knows where the money comes from and what the public wants - he's made tons of money on our history. As a person, he's an ass.

I don't confuse Tom Hanks and brilliant film making. I do wish they weren't one and the same. And, people should not use him as an excuse rather than saying - Not buying HBO.

Barb said...

We actually added HBO specifically to watch this. We did the same thing last year when they showed "Taking Chance", and cancelled it the next month.
I'm enjoying "The Pacific" very much, it's gritty and as real as "Band of Brothers", and it's a story (again) that I need to know.