Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Much Is An Alternator?

Car is dead.

They say it's the alternator.

This may mean the Milblog is out.



Kanani said...

well, it depends if it's only the alternator.
have you taken it in?

wolfwalker said...

How much is an alternator? Depends on the car and the mechanic. When my Civic needed a new alternator a year ago, it was $350 total, parts and labor.

Laughing Wolf said...

make and model of car will be determining factor. Alternators as a part are $100-$200. How hard they are to replace, and the time it takes, depends on several factors. If mine dies, expensive as you have to disassemble half the engine to get to about anything on it... If an older car with the alternator mounted in an easy to get to place, you are talking $200-$350; if more difficult, more.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

what do you drive? On some vehicles, it is something that the average mechanic can do herself. I changed the alternator on my Ranger New Years Eve day. The alternator was $150.00. I did wind up taking it to a shop, because it was -15, with 20 mph winds, but the labor was only $40.00, as it only took 25 minutes.