Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Fates Conspire Against Me

So, I've got this head cold despite my best practices vis a vis hygiene. some rogue germ won out over all my listerine, lysol, chlorox and hand sanitizer.

All this coughing strained a muscle in my back, which was just about better from the stupid car accident in December.

So I didn't go to my Marine's symposium....I'm not altogether sure he missed me.

Rachael reminded me today...it's birthday month. My birthday is in 18 days. And I have no plan....

I have to get rid of this cold! I am taking too many over the counter remedies. I am either going to end up in detox or get better.

And the internet has been down at work since Sunday at 5 pm....which is why I missed MidRats! Boo!

I hope tomorrow is better in terms of my head cold and my internet connectivity at work.

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