Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Loved This Movie!!!

So after my great birthday party broke up, we were just hanging and decided to watch a movie. There was the usual happy/scary/romantic/serious movie debate. We ended up with "Law Abiding Citizen".

1st off - Gerard Butler....totally hot! Although you know how picky I am, I wish he would shave.

What a feel good movie. Grace & Jen said I was scary. My brother-in-law Dave came in from the other room after the movie and said he could hear me cheering. But seriously, watch it and come back here and tell me that if you were Clyde Shelton and you *could* do what he did that you wouldn't.

Hell, I would have helped.

Plus, how can I not love a movie that quotes von Clausewitz?????

And it ended just as it needed to.

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