Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sometimes I am Simply Weighted Down With The Stupidity Of Others

There are some stories I am following out there about people stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing. But for some reason, I am getting bogged down in the thought that if some people weren't such asshats....no one would need to step up and fix their messes....

First there is the #McTeaching thing.

A lot of great bloggers have written about this. They are out there protecting our country's history. Keeping the flame alive. Making sure that when someone tries to mislead students about historical events, there is a consequence. People are writing and emailing and calling the people who are involved in the Langley High School system - the principle, the school board, etc.

And that's great. You should read all about it at these fine blogs.

Chuck's is just really, really good - First, we hang the lawyers. Immediately thereafter, we teach revisionist teachers how to breathe vacuum.

CDR Salamander's Fullbore Friday

From A Soldier's Perspective - "Langley High Teaches Revisionist History"

Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive "Mc Iwo Jima- Lefty BS at Virginia HS"

From Laughing Wolf - "A Teacher? The Hell It Is"

But all I can think about is that someone out there with teaching credentials thinks it's ok to use their position as an English teacher to spout hurtful nonsense about our veterans.

I am personally offended by this picture. My grandfather's youngest brother Danny Kelley fought and died Iwo Jima.
In a similar vein, many people have written and donated money to assist Mr. Snyder in paying the court costs in his fight against the Phelps crew.
From the Burn Pit - "Put Yourself In His Dad's Shoes"

From Blackfive "American Legion picks up tab for lawyers in Phelps case"

From the USNI blog "A Nation Shows It's Gratitude"

And Bill O'Reilly is picking up the whole tab....

But still, those vile disgusting Phelps people are out there bothering the families of fallen American heroes. You could write him and his ilk off as crazy, but then a judge orders poor, heartbroken Mr. Snyder to pay the court costs???



AW1 Tim said...


There are many times that I feel the same way. How can people be so ignorant? So mean? So gullible? I, too, get terribly frustrated and feel helpless.

At those times, I take the youngest, and we go for a walk. Maybe have some ice cream, maybe go down by the river and feed the dump ducks. Whatever.

It reminds me where my priorities are: Her. She's the one I'm in charge of, the one I'm responsible for for the next several years.

I don't mind that, not at all. :)

BostonMaggie said...

Tim, I am going to go get some ice cream tonight.