Friday, March 19, 2010


Wow, there's nothing out here on this blog.....must belong to some slacker.

I only have a million things to write about!

I was deposed yesterday. First time ever. Hated it! LOL Excrutiating details to come later.

I got my new license - 90 minutes of my life spent in the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles that I will never get back.....thanks Gov. Patrick and Rachel Caprellian. And these people want to run our healthcare system???

This weekend is the USS Franklin reunion.

My coworkers got birthday weekend off to a roaring start - Bertucci's pizza, rolls and salad. Chocolate cake and cards. Yummmmmm!

Leaving soon for Stations. Kath says we are going to be in the second row this week.

See you later!


Yer Marine said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

AW1 Tim said...

Maggie! Many Happy Returns of the Day! If'n I'd known ahead of time I'd have sent something along.

Tom Goering said...

Birthday again? Make sure you have a fire party on call for the lighting of the candles :)

Happy Birthday Maggie!

MaryR said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!

BillT said...

I'm going to regret not being first, aren't i?