Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remembering Jordan Marsh

From Mass Moments -

On this day 1947, Jordan, Marsh and Company announced that it was going to build "the greatest department store in the world" in downtown Boston. Almost a hundred years earlier, in 1851, Eben Jordan and Benjamin Marsh had gone into business together. They began by selling linen, silk, and other dry goods to wholesale customers. Ten years later, they expanded into retail sales. After the Civil War, Jordan Marsh introduced the concept of "department shopping." The store offered a wide range of goods, personal service, easy credit, art exhibitions, and musical performances. It soon became a treasured part of middle-class life in the Boston area. Many people mourned when the company was sold, and the Macy's name went up on Jordan Marsh stores.

I have many fond memories of shopping there with my mother and my grandmother, Mama Kelley. When I was very young it was the best place for window displays at Christmas, and the Christmas Village was legendary.

We would ride the EL in when I was young, later the "93" bus would take us in.

I spent tons of time there with Eileen or Kathy, so grownup and on our own at 16. Fascinated with all the make-up and perfume counters....believing everything they told us, lol.

When I worked in the phone company, many of us would run up on our lunch hours to dash through looking for a deal on a blouse or sweater.

Of course it wasn't always fun for some of my shopping companions......

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Yer Marine said...

Joahhhdan Mahhhsh was a wicked cool place. Like Spags out west of 128 (where the monsters be...)