Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smart Strategy

D. Patrick Mahoney is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and president of Iraq Veterans For Congress PAC and he has written this commentary for The Washington Times.

If elections were held today, many Democrats would lose. Many people are angry. However, november is a good way off. We (Republicans) can't blow this with stupid "business-as-usual" moves.

Business as usual is the way to blow the 2010 opportunity
By D. Patrick Mahoney
Since President Obama was sworn in, the Republican Party has won surprise statewide victories in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts. But in a big year for the party, Republicans lost all five special House races, including two in ruby-red districts because House special-election candidates are not chosen by rank-and-file Republicans in a primary but rather by a handful of party insiders in a back room.
Read the rest here. Mahoney finishes up with a discuusion of the race for the late Congressman John Murtha's seat. I found that most interesting since I am a big Russell fan.

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