Friday, March 05, 2010

240th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre

If you are in Boston tomorrow night, the Bostonian Society stages an excellent re-enactment. It's right on site and part of couple of events.

The Bostonian Society is located right near Faneuil Hall at the corner of Congress and State Street. They maintain a treasure trove of Boston history. There are exhibits, papers, lectures. But this is their big annual thing.

There is a kids re-enactment in the afternnon, but unless your kids are really young, do the night time one at 7 pm.

Boston Massacre Reenactment
7:00 p.m.
Free; in front of the Old State House, at the corner of State and Congress streetsWitness the event that sparked the American Revolution! Join us and become a part of this infamous event as it is reenacted in front of the Old State House, in the very place where it took place in 1770. Decide for yourself if the soldiers fired into the crowd in self-defense or cold-blooded murder. Before the action unfolds, hear from patriots, loyalists, and moderates who will talk about the events and attitudes that led to that fateful night.

You know me....history is important....Boston history is more important.

Seriously, today is the anniversary of the actual event, but tomorrow night is the re-enactment. It's a Boston "Don't Miss"! I am hoping for a little snow for the proper mood since it was a rough winter that year.

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