Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Bunker Hill Day!

What a fun....if confusing day. I aggravated Jen with my ADD.

It was pouring on our way to Boston. I told Jen not to worry, it would end at noon. She scoffed "They are off by days on forecasts and you think they are going to get the hour right?!?!?" Then as we approached the Liberty Tunnel and passed under South Station....the rain stopped. LOL. Jen said "Well God must be in Charlestown!" I repeated that a few minutes later for our mother and she shrugged and said she always told us that.

So Gen & Deb & I put our chairs up in our spot on Bunker. Although there was no need to worry, all the people of lesser faith stayed home and there was tons of room.

When we heard the sirens it was our cue....the whole family went up the corner. We were a few moments late and the Boston Fire Department was half past when we got there. If Chrissie's husband Billy or Father Mahoney were riding in the first few vehicles, we missed them. Next came Mayor Menino, some other people and four Navy officers. We held up our Navy flag and whooped and hollered. I could see the USS Consitution contingent just behind the American Legion trolley and was focused on them.................and missed Commander Bullard! I walked toward the rest of the Sailors. "Where's your CO?" They pointed up with the Mayor. I ran back...they were gone. Jennifer was hysterical. She was yelling at me. "He turned and started walking toward you and you were watching down the street. He winked and saluted and laughed. You really are autistic!"

That's fine, we are near the beginning of the Parade, it snakes a mile and half through the Town. there will be other chances. I missed the Grand Marshall, Bill Durette because I was talking. I missed Mike driving the Historical Society truck because I was passing out flowers to put on the back. The back was a list of all the Charlestown WWII war dead. Jennifer couldn't stop laughing "What is wrong with you! You are missing everyone."

After the entire Parade had passed I took Gen & Deb and we went up to High Street. We waited at the corner of Green, it was nearly empty. The girls held up the flag again and we cheered. This time I approached Commander Bullard and shook his hand.

"Am I in?

"In what?"

"The Sunset Parade Reception!"

He looked at me quizzically and pointed out that of course I should go, it's open to the public. I told him I meant the reception afterwards. He laughed and said there was no reception, he was having a few friends over for drinks..........but I was more than welcome!

When I went back toward the larger group of Sailors I met HMCM(SS) Donald B. Abele. We shook hands and I told him he'd be seeing me in the future!

LOL Princess Crabby has receieved faulty intelligence. I was informed that there was a reception and I should wrangle an invitation.

Hmmmmm, what to do.................

I am attending the event anyway.

But crashing his personal party?

On the other hand, he is currently living in a historic building in the Navy Yard that I have never been in.

Maybe I'll just go peek.

Too quote Scarlett O'Hara "I'll think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day."