Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Favorite Boatswain's Mate

On this cool boat we found in Port Hueneme. It belongs to the Center for Asymmetric Warfare. The guy who was taking care of it was dying to show it off.

It was apparently all kinds of cool. If we are lucky, maybe Boats Dotson will come out here and tell us some stuff about it.

If you want to know what CAW does - click here.

You know what they say about a Boatswain's Mate - "Anybody can make a rate only God can make a Boatswain's Mate!"

**Don't tell my Dad (QM2) that I typed that**


Anonymous said...

Their boat, the CAW I is a VERY nice patrol boat. 85 feet long and will do just about 40 knots. The creature comforts give it away as a quazi civilian boat. Twin diesel, twin screw (no jets) powerplant. GREAT electronic suite. Surface and airsearch radar, plus a bunch of other stuff that is better left unsaid. The COOLEST part about the Center for Asymetric Warfare is that they have a remote control DESTROYER! And they can control it from the patrol boat.

Boats Dotson

Brian said...

My Boat!
Someone forwarded this blog to me because I am the Captain of the craft. I love to speak about it and you would too if you had control of a 4.5 million dollar beast. The funny thing about it is that I am a Boatswains Mate by trade. Contrary to anonymous, we can not control the "DESTROYER" that is parked next to us. That decommissioned ship is operated by another group. If you would like to know more feel free to contact me. I will tell you all about it!

BostonMaggie said...

Well Brian, we want to know all about your boat. So email me.

BostonMaggie at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey this is boats ball from JEB, WHATS going on?

Crazy that I ran across this site just by chance.

Anonymous said...

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