Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Great Commentary On Word Play

One of the things I have found most irritating about the new Administration are the word games.
Dropping some words - "terrorism", "intelligence", "analysis", "mission" and "attacks".

So "terrorism" is now "man-caused disasters"? WTF?

That's why I was so amused by this from "War On Terror News"
While we try to stay out of the emotional side of the argument to a great extent, we're not exactly politically correct either. Even OurName has been banned by the new administration. And the only suggestion we received on a new one was "Crusade 2.0" which would have spawned a whole new article, but the IT monsters ate it after a great deal of work.

Personally, I'm hoping he names it Operations Globally Relatively to Assigned Service Missions, so I can become the ORGASM News. Otherwise, I'm sticking to this one.


Stella said...

"man-caused disasters"? Isn't that rather un-PC. Perhaps "human-caused disasters" is more apt.

If ever there was a George Carlin moment, this is it.

BostonMaggie said...

I know. When they were talking about the words that were being struck from the lexicon....it was Carlin who popped right into my mind.

WOTN said...

If the "War On Terror" is no longer allowed, does that mean that he has also banned the news publication on it?

I don't think he's read the Bill of Rights, so he may think he is allowed to ban words, ban free speech, ban publications that don't praise him, and ban the "War On Terror News."

But I have not only read but pledged, have given an oath on my life to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He may well be in over his head on this one.