Wednesday, March 04, 2009

People In My Email

First - Trish

"Are you at work?"


She comes by work and gives me a basket of M&Ms and Coke. WTF? We agreed no christmas presents, so she held off on this. She held off until she needed to be on a diet and she needed it to be gone.

So, of course, I opened it and the girls in the office were happy!

Then Trish emails again and says "If we are going to the movies and I am staying "on" what should I smuggle in?"

Hello! You knock me off of Atkins with Coke & M&Ms and you want me to help you to stay on? Efffff off!
Then the Air Force sends me a link to a Lou Dobbs cut on immigration that upset him.

"Attached is a CNN report on amnesty. Kinda makes your blood boil."

"Why would I want my blood to boil?"

"I don't's just an expression. But if you did boil it, you could get out all those nasty things in there."

Excuse me?

"I like the nasty things in my do you."

You all do too...or you wouldn't keep coming back.


SK said...

You're very lucky, you have some great friends...and you deserve them all ;)

BostonMaggie said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Are you saying that because you are one of my friends....or because you are the friend who tried to knock me off of Atkins yesterday with a chocolate cupcake recipe?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a Christmas gift,... I told you it was a end of the year, close to birthday kinda thing. Quit yer witchin'. There's chocolate coal in it for a reason.

SK said...

I'm always here to help! There's cupcakes, and then there's Cupcakes ;)

You know you love me....


AFSister said...

but SK's right- you do have some great friends.

BostonMaggie said...

Of course she is right!