Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now Here's A Great Idea

The market is down.

Some of our favorite charities will suffer in this economy.

How to keep them in the limelight and have some fun?

Announcing the NavyCS Industrial Average (NIA)!

A downturn in the economy does not equal a downturn in the need for charities support. Each one of us should have a plan for distributing a portion of our funds to charities. It is with that thought Bonnie and I have decided to create NIA.

The NIA is a group of stocks we purchased, hopefully near the yearly lows, that we will use as a guide to determine how much money we will donate to Project Valour IT this year.
Investing in the
stock market now?! (Read the rest of the story…)

BZ Tom!

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Tom Goering said...

Thank you Maggie :) Hopefully we Navy Bloggers can outpace the "other service" this year!