Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Whining Begins!

University cancels Ayers speaking engagement due to safety concerns
Published in the Thursday, March 26, 2009 Edition of
Matthew DeLuca
News Editor

Bill Ayers, known for his involvement in the Weather Underground as well as for his work as an education theorist was to speak at Boston College Monday before the event was canceled by the University on Friday. The event had been organized by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID).
University Spokesman Jack Dunn said that Karl Bell, assistant dean in the Office for Student Development, met with the event organizers during the day on Friday to inform them that protests of the event had been organized by, among others, Boston Police and family members of Boston Police Sergeant Walter Shroeder, who was allegedly killed by members of the Weather Underground in September of 1970. The Boston Globe reported that Shroeder was shot by William Gilday in the course of a bank robbery in Brighton. Ayers was never convicted of implication in the crime.
1st Bravo Zulu to the BPD for getting out in front of this - Never Forget
2nd "convicted of implication in the crime"? What?
The event's organizer's were "disappointed " by the event's last-minute cancellation. "BC is setting a dangerous precedent by canceling this event. In the past, administrators have cancelled events that they see as being at odds with Jesuit, Catholic ideals. Now, a new precedent has been set which permits the cancellation of any event that is at odds with the ideals of BC's wealthy and largely conservative donors," said Melissa Roberts, vice president of the BC College Democrats and A&S '09. "A university should be a place where students can hear all ideas, not just popular or profitable ones."
Seriously? You think it was about money? Seriously?

This is something I always find comical. Person "A" expresses their opinion. Person "B" expresses an opposing viewpoint. This is the give and take of a free society, right? Until Person "A" starts crying about Person "B" suppressing their "freedom of speech"!!! What?

Grow up.

To those at BC who issued this invitation for Ayers to speak - if you thought it was right for him to speak, you would have publicized it. Your website calls attention to all your other proposed speakers, but no mention about Ayers. Why? Because you know it was wrong. You were hiding it. You cries that your freedoms are being suppressed are pathetic.
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Lyn said...

Ayers deserves America's contempt. Not just for what he allegedly did. I mean he has not been convicted so let's be fair and...oh get real the guy got away with murder. But he still earns our contempt every day he opens his mouth. I can't believe he has the teaching job he has. Anybody that pays tuition for their kids to hear Ayers needs to demand a refund.

Stella said...

My place, my rules. I wouldn't have it any other way. Miss blogging with you, Maggie.

Oh, yes, about Ayers. I can't say I'm a big fan. Like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannitymdash;if we ignore them, they'll go away. None of them deserve our recognition.

I may end up voting for Meghan McCain if she runs for office someday.

BostonMaggie said...

You can't lump Ayers in with Rush, Hannity and Ann Coulter. Ayers attempted to bomb a dance at Fort Dix with the hope of killing soldiers and their dates at a dance. He also planned a secondary bomb to kill 1st responders.

You may find the words of Coulter, Rush and Hannity offensive, but they do not advocate and assist those who would bring about the violent overthrow of our government.

I loath Jimmy Carter, I find what he says about Israel repugnent, but I would not lump him in with Ayers.

SK said...

I have to say that I cannot discuss Ayers and remain civil. He's a perfect example of a time when our Judicial system failed us.

Stella said...

OK, you've got my attention. I understand Ayers' intention, but vehemently disagree with the action.

The Weather Underground wanted "peace." Someone should have told them bombs aren't peaceful items, no matter where they're deployed.

I can't argue this one with you. Maybe we can argue another time. I hope you're dong well. I barely blog, but never miss a chance to stop by.

BostonMaggie said...

I know, I popped over to SwiftSpeech and nothing from you. But it was worth the trip to read/watch about Frances Perkins.