Saturday, March 28, 2009

What A Great Time!

After Tim's Mass (where I was lucky not to be sitting with my sisters - too dangerous), most of us went out to eat. Tim's daughter and stepson and their spouses graciously invited us to join them at a local restaurant. My mother; her brother Jim and his wife Connie and their eldest daughter Martine; my sisters; my Uncle John's daughter Maryellen and son Michael at a table for 14. I can't remember a time where I got to sit across from Maryellen and talk, she was older than me, so we didn't see much of each other growing up. She grew up across the street on the first floor of a triple decker her parents owned with our Uncle Joe on the second floor. I spent many pleasant evenings on their front stoop where Joe and john told me about the family, Charlestown, WWII - my history. Maryellen brought some documents that were eagerly passed around - marriage certificates, death certificates, citizenship papers, most belonging to my gradfather's mother. Maryellen isn't online, but she is going to get stuff scanned and emailed to us. We love this stuff. I've just emailed some of the stuff I have to Tim's daughter.

It's late and I have to go to bed, but again, a really great family day. Even if it started off a little crazy (Jen & I were running late - but made it in plenty of time), and the Mass was the source of some giggling - which is why it was good I was sitting with my Uncle Kevin and not my sisters.

Jen, Grace and I lost some points today. It's always a double loss when it happens in or because of Mass. We have to admit, we are kind of snobby about Mass and how things are done anytime we are not at St. Francis. But we were nearly hysterical in the car. The Host was in some kind of beaten silver bowl, like a cereal bowl. Grace and Martine and I were talking about it and Jen seemed perplexed. She went to Communion - how did she miss it, Grace demanded to know. LOL! Jen is the queen of blocking! If there is something Jen doesn't want to see....she just doesn't. Then we asked if she saw that the Wine was in a tumbler instead of a, noooooooo. After Communion, the Eucharistic ministers walked over to the priest? deacon? to put the cereal bowls back in the Tabernacle and it took a long time. I leaned over to my Uncle Kevin and said "Do you think he forgot the combination?". I know I lost points there. then afterwards Grace tells me she thought it looked like a microwave....Jen and I laughed so hard I almost drove off the road! Jen says that if they really replay you life story like a movie like "Defending Your Life" we are screwed. We can never defend that! There were other comments that I am too ashamed to type here. Needless to say, I have no hope of getting through the Pearly Gates....I have no chance unless there is a back door that Sister Terence or Mama Kelley can open for me.

After dinner we went out to Terry's car. She had a few of her Dad's paintings that she was giving to anyone who wanted them. Jen picked a really lovely picture that I will post a pic of soon.

Needless to say, today was another example of why, when you add my life all together - the stupid cancer, the reaction to the stupid chemo, the financial difficulties it's all caused......I am still one of the luckiest people I know.

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Matthew Zachary said...

Rock on. Stupid cancer, indeed.

Matthew Zachary
13-Year Young Adult Survivor
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"Stupid Cancer!"