Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Now - Flag Shuffle

Who replaces ADM Willard as Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet?

SB hemmed and hawed.

The super-secret SWO place says VCNO ADM Patrick Walsh, who I think has a New England connection....born locally? Not sure. Anyway, not a shoe. He's been in the news lately over GITMO.


Sean Walsh LCDR USN Ret. said...

His bio is at It doesn't say where he was born but he went to a Jesuit high school in Dallas, TX.
As you probably know, Walsh is a pretty common Irish name (it's mine too). When my Dad was in the Navy in the late 40's, his ship spent some time in the Boston Navy Yard. At the time, Senator Walsh of Massachusets was chair of the Naval Affairs Committee. Although he didn't claim kinship, if people from the yard assumed he was related and he got some extra work done as a consequence, he didn't feel any obligation to set them straight!

BostonMaggie said...

Welcome aboard LCDR Walsh! You must be my birthday present.

I have read ADM Walsh's bio, it's actually linked in the post (embedded in his name).

I only have one beef's the CHARLESTOWN Navy Yard, not the Boston NAvy Yard. I know, I spent a good chunk of my childhood there. I spent all of my years growing up within a half mile of Old Ironsides.