Friday, March 27, 2009

William Ayers To Speak At Boston College

***UPDATE****The protests from normal people have caused Boston college to withdraw the Ayers invitation. Thank you Michael Graham!!!****
Ayers will be speaking at the Lyons Dining Hall, Monday March 30th at 6 pm.

This event is getting almost NO publicity. Boston College is ashamed and rightly so. The mainstream media is silent on this issue. If it weren't for Michael Graham on the radio and in his blog, no one would be aware of this. Well, outside of those students who invited him to speak.

The greatest irony? The Ayers is speaking on “The State of Democracy in America: Education Reform and Civic Engagement”. Civic engagement? From a man who advocated bombing federal buildings? From a man who would have bombed a dance at Fort Dix if he had had the chance?

Good. God.

If I can I will try to get up there and protest. I have missed a lot of work lately and with more doctor's appopintments coming up, I don't have a lot of leeway. But I want to try.

Go read Graham's two posts - here and here.

This lecture is co-sponsored with the Lynch School of Education Dean for Undergraduates, the AHANA Leadership Council, The Americans for Informed Democracy, and the College Democrats.

This video explains what Ayers wanted to happen at Fort Dix in 1970. Thank God he didn't succeed, but he did try.

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