Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back From The Battleground Victorious

So today was the checkup with the myeloma specialist at NEMC.

I was completely overwrought.

I forgot my list, my graphs, my anecdotal evidence.

I didn't have beakfast or vitamins or tea or water.

I was late and had a headache.

But I was still ready to do battle. I was going to put my foot down and demand another delay of treatment. I was going to win. I have things to do!

Before I could even start making my case, he said "I'm fine with delaying as long as you are being closely monitored by the local oncologist vis-a-vis kidney function."

I had won before I had even unsheathed my weapon.

The next three months are mine.

I will be going to the Milblog.....as a matter of fact.....I'm speaking.


FbL said...

Whoohoo! Glad you have this respite, and glad that your doctors seems to so comfortable with it. :)

SK said...

Yaaaaaaay! I'm really looking forward to seeing you next month :)

BillT said...

We'll meet some milbloggers you may or may not have heard of and get back to the finest tradition of milblogging - celebrating and highlighting the diversity of voices within our community.

Moderator: Matt from Blackfive

Alex Horton
Solomon Fein (Tentative)
Maggie of Boston Maggie and Castle Argghhh!
Rebekah Sanderlin



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