Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Air Force Rubs My Nose In It know I favor Sailors, right? I mean, criminey, you don't need top-notch reading comprehension skills to get that.

But in the interest of staying balanced, I salt the mix with some representation from the other services.

But the Air Force definitely tries my patience.

He read the post below and sent me this -

A nice Irish girl that does the Stations does not talk about decadence in public. The nuns would have a heart attack. And what's all this stuff about exfoliating? And Dead Sea Salt? When did salt become good for the skin? If you want to exfoliate, weed a garden. Putting all that goop all over you just makes you slippery and smell unnatural. You want to smell like a mango? All that is just a total waste of time and could be done with just soap and water.

Then he casually mentions that when stationed in Japan he was getting massages twice a week they were so cheap.


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Hold Until Relieved said...

Not everyone in the Air Force, Doll. We love ya and your blog. We're 20 years retired and still blessed to be working on the world's best fighter aircraft, the F-16. (Both the stunning blond (the wife) and myself)

Keep um flying girl. You're a awesome standard bearer for our sister service.

God Bless!

P.S. Funny Story...Were out with my 13 year old who adores the Navy and wants to be an F-18 driver (who would have thunk) we're at a squadron event at the local minor league ball park and one of our F-16 test pilots strikes up a conversation with the little one...tells him that he flys F-16s at the twice the speed of sound defying the demon every day he straps on the getting pretty full of himself, and my little man replies back without missing a beat, do you know anyone who flys Navy aircraft? Drops the guys dead in his tracks.