Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Could Just Weep

So I keep thinking "Maybe it's not all bad." or "What if Stella is right and somehow Obama's crazy schemes work?"

There must be some ray of hope. Right? After all, he ran on the promise of hope and change.

I shove aside my misgivings when he appoints criminals and Clintonistas.

But this?

This is too much.

Former US President Jimmy Carter departs following a visit to the West Wing of the White House in Washington March 18, 2009.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES POLITICS)


See his finger on his nose? Isn't that how conmen signal each other when they are working a scam?


SK said...

Yup, it is.

BillT said...

I'm afraid Stella's OD'ed on Hope.

Team Obama has no crazy scheme -- they've been winging it from the start.

The One promised "No Lobbyists In *MY* Administration" and less than a week later appointed nineteen of them.

The One promised "Change!" and then filled his cabinet with Clinton Cabineteers.

The One declaims that all Americans should have government-funded health care, and then announces his decision that wounded veterans should bear the cost of healing their own service-incurred wounds.

The One didn't even do a quick background check of his Secretarial nominees -- the only good news is that publicly embarrassing Daschle and Geithner added several thousand bucks to the treasury's coffers.

Team Obama *has* no coherent plan -- other than floundering like a cinderblock trying to tread water in the deep end of the pool.

BTW, Jimbo's not giving the scam signal -- he's just incapable of finding his nostril without using both hands...

Stella said...

LOL, Maggie. Carter's just there as a courtesy, although that image does remind me of The Sting. Damn great film. Carter's made some serious blunders, but I believe he genuinely wants to help the country. Whether or not he goes about it the right way is another matter.

There's a lot of clean up President Obama must do. I particularly think of the national infrastructure Bush ignored that resulted in Katrina. If I started listing investments desperately needed in this country, I'd be here all day.

But what if his crazy schemes do work? Hell, I don't know if I'm right. I know change won't happen overnight, but there's a lot of positive movement forward. Not all of the policies for any Administration are based on intellect: no president can make that claim.

Turdblossom's refusal to answer a Congressional summons just goes to show you that politics and criminal behavior always walk hand in hand, despite the party. Technically, he should be in jail.

Don't quote me, but if Meghan McCain ever runs for president, she might just get my vote. The Senator's daughter has the makings of a great leader.

BillT said...

Silly question, I know, but why is it Bush's fault if the N'Awluns City Gummint (which is responsible for levee maintenance) took the Federal money *allocated* for levee maintenance and used it to erect fountains honoring members of the N'Awluns City Gummint rather than using it for levee maintenance?

As for going to jail, if Daschle and Geithner were Republicans, they'd both be facing an IRS Star Chamber right about now...