Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Relaxing Evening At The Office

LOL, yup....that's right. I am just wrapping up, but it's been very relaxing.

First I let Howie Carr get me spooled up talking about all the corruption around me. Corruption on a local level with Gov. Patrick - "No new hires", my eye! Corruption nationwide with Chris Dodd talking smack about AIG bonuses when he was the bastid that pushed for the language that protected those very bonuses.

Then when Howie is finished aggravating me I switch to WGBH and listen to "The World". Tonight there was an interesting report on the incident in the South China sea involving USNS Impeccable. I'm not worried, ADM Keating has the watch.

When "The World" finishes educating me....I rarely get the geo-quiz......I relax with "Eric in the Evening". Eric opens every evening with Tommy Flanagan's "Peace".

So, now I am peaceful.


Tom Goering said...

My worldly information came from Loren and Wally, "Men from Maine". Everything seemed to be in proper prospective after that :)

xformed said...

I'll admit, I came her by a referral...curiousity.

Where's the widget/code/magic for the who's posted in the blogsphere gouge?

That's cool and I hadn't seen that before...