Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Might Have To Give Up Sailors

...and start dating doctors. I know that sounds drastic, but figuring out all these tests is kicking my ass.
Look at this stupid graph. How am I supposed to figure this shit out if the difference between labs is so drastic?
Tuesday the 24th I go to NEMC & the IgA is 4190, a big jump. Wednesday the 25th I go to the local lab affiliated with Jordan & the IgA is 3776.
So to try to compare apples to apples -
22 JAN @ NEMC 3340
24 MARCH @ NEMC 4190


25 FEB @ Jordan 3464
25 MARCH @ Jordan 3776

Of course, in the end, this discussion is academic. I am not going back on chemo until they get desperate enough (or smart enough) to get my Dad to make me.

And the glucose result didn't make sense either.

On the days leading up to the 24th I ate well and on the actual date I hadn't eaten anything.
NEMC Glucose result = 117. Which, depending on your reference range, is high or the high end of normal.

The evening of the 24th we go out to celebrate my three month repreive on chemo. Carbs, sugar, alcohol....the works!

Jordan glucose result the next morning? 100. I don't get it.

But both test results and labs agree that my red blood count finally crept into the low end of normal.

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Tom Goering said...

I guess to help you make your point, the best this Sailor can do is say, "the chart would look better in color". :)