Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Everyone is screaming that Corporate CEOs make too much in compensation. People are appalled that companies are paying executive huge salaries while laying off workers.

Obama's answer?

Obama Spending Plan Would Cap Military, Federal Pay Raises

Yeah, 'cause everyone knows that our military leaders are overcompensated and that's the problem with the economy.

Yeah, thank God "The One" is here to save us.

*sigh* YGTBFKM

"Pay for men and women in uniform is to be increased by 2.9 percent, an amount described in the budget summary as reflecting "the priorities of an administration that is committed to caring for the service members who protect our security and the families who support them."

Last year, military personnel received a 3.9 percent pay increase, half a percentage point more than President George W. Bush recommended."


Anonymous said...

Not sure why the parity between federal civilian pay and military pay ended up being different this year but the 2.9% raise proposal by Obama is based on ECI - it is the exact same methodology used for raising military pay that the Bush administration used. Congress in the past forced an additional .5% increase in years past to close the non-federal civilian/military pay gap which after last year (prior to the current economic downturn) remained at 2.9% - I think Obama, with this raise and the reduction of non-federal civilian pay the democrats will now say it was their party that "fixed" the pay gap.

Stella by Starlight said...

But, why aren't we cutting our Representative's and Senator's pay? Oh, like that's going to happen. Interesting comment, Tom. Thank you.